Hello my fellow brother and sister, in Islam, hope you find a great time with our post? If so please don’t forget to comment and share with your friend. Now we back with another topic title marriage in Islam. We no marriage circularly is one of unique things, that every society consider to be perform by every young man and woman that have reached an adult age. So with that every society has some guidance of how the marriage should be conducted. Now in Islam of our religion has rule lay down for marriage but we will not go deeply into that for now, that will be a subsequent topic. So we can see that almost all over the world there lot of single out there that getting over age, looking for life partner yet they did not see any whom to hook up with, that did not left our religion out, why it did not left our religion out is a very simple things that we as human being we can handle. If we look at what goes on today, many marriage that goes on with we Muslim community deviate little or a lot from how they stipulated in Islam. And most of this issue come from woman and there parent. They have turn marriage into competition in such a way that they want a man to buy for then what they see their friend husband bought for her during their marriage, they are looking for already made man, because they don’t want to suffer from a man hand, with this it make things complicated for the man, because looking in our society today, we can estimate that 70% of the people living in the society are poor, 15% living in an average life, why 5% are extremely rich. With this figure, we can outline out that there is no how that every woman that is looking for already man can get it because even she that is waiting for already made man is not an already made product, that why she looking for already made, because if she is already made, she will not be waiting for already made product, rather she will pick any heart dire of her and build him up to the taste she want. Islam has made everything so easy for us, it make it so easy that whatever you can afford, you will get married when you reach marriageable age. It require to pay the woman her money but not huge amount of money.

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