why computer is called computer system


Computer as a system, just like human being which is made up different part that perform different type of function so also computer, is made up of different part, and each of these part perform  different type of function. The meaning of computer system, is that different part are put together to yield meaningful result. Computer system is made up of two main component or part, which are:

  1. Software
  2. Hardware

Software is the untouchable part of computer which is used to carry many function in a computer system, software is that part of computer which we can see but we cannot touch it help to execute command in a computer system.

Computer software is divided into two which are:

  1. System software
  2. Application software

System software:  is the first of all kind of software that must be installed in a computer system, this software help to put all the hardware connected to computer system to carried it specific function.

Sometime system software is call life software, because it bring computer to life. It help the system to boot to window, without system software computer system will not boot as such you cannot install application software. Example of system software are

Microstf Exp


Microsoft professional

Microsoft window 3,7,8,and 10…..

There are many of them

Application software: is software you see on your computer window anytime you put on your computer system. Application software help us to carried out different type task in our computer system, it is a software install on computer after installation of system software. Each of the software is made up to perform various function. Example of application software areapp


Microsoft office: Microsoft office is a software packed with many application build inside to carried different task on a computer system, the office come with following application such as

Microsoft ward

Microsoft excel

Microsoft powerpoint

Microsoft publisher

Microsoft pagemker and many more

Each of the application in Microsoft office perform different function, e.g

Microsoft ward: is use for editing and text typing

Microsoft excel: is an accounting application used for calculation data recording

Microsoft power point is used for presentation and many more.

There are thousands of these kind of system application, you are to select the application that suit the nature of your job.  We going to teach you how to effectively use each of the listed system application as we proceed further in our post. But for now we are going to stop hear, our next post will be on computer hardware.


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