GST201: TMA1 Nigerian People and culture Question and Answer



GST201: TMA1 Nigerian People and culture Question and Answer

Question 1 : The Yoruba ethnic group believed to have come into existence between
A. 1000-2000AD
B. 1000-2000BC
C. 2000-1000BC
D. 2500-1000BC

Answer to Question 1 is D. 2500-1000BC


Question 2 : Oyo empire became very powerful and prosperous extending its authority as far as ___________
A. Dahoney
B. Oyo
C. Benin
D. Ile-ife

Answer to Question 2 is A. Dahoney


Question 3 : One of these is not the messenger sent to the world
A. obatala
B. All of the above
C. oramfe
D. oduduwa

Answer to question 3 is C. oramfe

Question 4 : _______ played a mediatory role in any conflict between the Oyomesi and Alaafin
A. Oyomesi
B. ogboni
C. Oranmiyan
D. otunba

Answer to Question 4 is B. ogboni

Question 5 : ________ sent down the five pieces of iron and placed the lump on earth on them
A. Obatala
B. Oduduwa
C. Ogun
D Oranyan

Answer to Question 5 is B. oduduwa

Question 6 : The head of Oyo army was conferred with the coveted title of ___________
A. Otunba
B. ogboni
C. Are-Ona-Kankanfo
D. Balogun

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Answer to Question 6 is C. Are-Ona-Kankanfo

Question 7 : The Yoruba migrated from __________
A. Mecca
B. Medina
C. North Africa
D. Egypt

Answer to question is 7 D. Egypt

Question 8 : The Alaafin used the ______ animal festival periods to acknowledge the renewal of allegiance of the provincial government to him
A. Baales
B. Ilari
C. Bere
D. Ogboni

Answer to question 8 is C. Bere

Question 9 : _______ was the youngest child of osanobua
A. Bini
B. Balogun
C. Alaafin
D. Ilari

Answer to question 9 is A. Bini
Question 10 : Oke-oranfe is located in___________
A. Ile-ife
B. Ibadan
C. Abeokuta
D. Ekiti

Answer to question 10 is A. Ile-ife
Question 11 : ________ were the first to be visited by the Europeans as early as 1472 A.D
A. None of the above
B. Una-aro
C. Balogun
D. Bini

Answer to question 11 is D. Bini

Question 12 : The Yoruba can be described as one of the major ______ groups in Southern Nigeria
A. Ethnic
B. Language
C. Professional
D. Cultural

Answer to question 12 is A. Ethnic

Question 13 : ______ was one of the rare empires that had built checks and balances and this contributed to its stability for centuries
A. ile-ife
B. Dahomey
C. Benin
D. Oyo

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Answer to question 13 is D. Oyo

Question 14 : Oyo empire was founded in the middle of the __________
A. 20 century
B. 15 century
C. 13 century
D. 10 century

Answer to question 14 is B. 15 century

Question 15 : The ______ also had the power to remove any alafin especially when he appeared dictatorial or transgresses the laws of the land
A. None of the above
B. Otunba
C. Balogun
D. Oyemesi

Answer to question 15 is D. Oyemesi

Question 16 : The Yoruba and _______ have similarities in culture and religion
A. Ethopia
B. Africa
C. Egyptians
D. None of the above

Answer to question 16 is C. Egyptians

Question 17 : The first period of pre-colonial Bini history is known as the _______ era
A. Igbodo
B. Owode
C. Ere
D. Ogiso

Answer to question 17 is D. Ogiso

Question 18 : ______ is believed to be the first leader that led the Yoruba to Ile-ife
A. Lamurudu
B. oranyan
C. oduduwa
D. iredua

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Answer to question 18 is C. oduduwa

Question 19 : Rev.Samuel Johnson's version traces the origin of the yoruba to the _______
A. South
B. West
C. East
D. North

Answer to question 19 is C. East

Question 20 : ____________ is credited with establishing the present Bini dynasty
A. Eweka
B. Oranmiyan
C. Oduduwa
D. Lamurudu

Answer to question 20 is C. Oduduwa

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