Chm191 introductory practical chemistry 1 TMA4

Question 1 Acid base titration involves a_____ reaction?

Answer is redox

Question 2 in an indicator that is colourless in acidic solution is______?

Answer is phenolphthalein

Question 3 a measure of the hydrogen ion concentration in a solution is ____?

Answer is ph

Question 4 towards the ____ point both college form will be present in appreciable quantity?

Answer is end point

Question 5 the ph of a solution is a measure of the_______?

Answer is hydrogen ion concentration

Question 6 the sum of the oxidation state of all element in a neutral compound add to_____?

Answer is zero

Question 7 the oxidation state of( C) carbon in H2C2O4?

Answer is + 4

Question 8 a process that is accompanied by a heat gun is said to be____,?

Answer is endothermic.

Question 9 if a reaction is carried out at a constant pressure the absolute value of the heat of reaction is equal to the absolute value of the _____of the reaction?

Answer is enthalpy

Question 10 the reaction between aqueous sodium hydroxide and aqueous hydrochloric acid is a____ reaction?

Answer is neutralization

Question 11 a substance that lose an election is said to be?

Answer is oxidized

Question 12 a suitable indicator for titration between weak acid and strong base is_____?

Answer is phenolphthalein

Question 13 all these are example of a chemical reaction except?

Answer is addition of ammonium chloride to water

Question 14 the product represent by in the following equation

H2SO4 + Na2CO3 -> NaHCO3 + ?

Answer is NaHSO4

Question 15 if the mass of an impure acid is 18.0g and mass of impurity is 12.3 gram calculate the percentage impurity of this solution?

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Answer is 68.33%

Question 16 the heat of reaction is measured by the use of_____?

Answer is calorimeter

Question 17 the oxidation state of chromium in Cr2O72-?

Answer is + 6

Question 18 the reactant represented by the in the equation H2O + ? -> 2H2O?

Answer is H2O

Question 19 the product represented by d in the equation CH3COO- + H+ + Na+ + OH- -> ? + H2O?

Answer is CH3COO-Na

Question 20 the ph scale range is_______?

Answer is 0 to 14.

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