Gst101 Use of English and communication skill 1 tma2

Question 1 the text that is playing an issue with cherry the concept or plan is called_____ text?

Answer is a narrative

Question 2_______ does not form the major part of narrative text?

Answer is explanation

Question 3 which of the following may not be true of narratives?

Answer is character speak in a formal style

Question 4 the most intense or exciting part of a story is the____?

Answer is climax

Question 5 it has been observed that the language of _____ text is diverse a specific?

The answer is expository

Question 6 which of the following may not be true of expository text?

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Answer is expository text does not tell story

Question 7 ______passage can be difficult if you are not familiar with the words used in the passage?

Answer is descriptive

Question 8 in most cases narratives are______ in terms of style?

Answer is formal

Question 9 in reading and interpreting_____, you should pay attention to the language and the figure presented?

Answer is table

Question 10 which of the following may not make your understanding of an expository passage difficult?

Answer is having a well developed vocabulary

Question 11_______ text all point are to be supported with concrete evidence?

Answer is arguementative

Question 12 technical terms are known to be common figure of____ text?

Answer is scientific

Question 13 which of the following skill is not necessary for tackling expository text?

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Answer is note taking ability

Question 14 expository text sometimes follow a particular storyline and could be vivid and imaginative this statement is_____?

Answer is untrue

Question 15 which of these tasks may not help you read and comprehend passage with table easily?

Answer is skimming and passage

Question 16 which of the following statement may not be true concerning scientific text?

Answer is scientific texts does not integrate verbal and nonverbal forms

Question 17 when you start reading an interesting novel you find it difficult to stop because______?

Answer is the story is captivating

Question 18 the experience portrayed in narrative text often help us understand the_____ of the novel?

Answer is narrative techniques

Question 19_______ includes figure formula and table that are read in a comprehension passage?

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Answer is a arithmetical material

Question 20 to be able to grasp the complexity of reading passage with table_______?

Answer is you must make sure that the connection between the table and the passage are clear.

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