This is the acidic or basic content required by the micro organism to growth. The PH of bacteria varies, some required acidic environment before they can growth, some other required basic environment before they can growth. But above all the optimum growth of bacteria not all pathogenic bacteria exist over a tiny interval of PH between the neutral PH regions of 6.5-7.4. micro organism that growth on acidic environment is lactobacilli, it growth at PH of 4.0, while Vibro cholereae growth in a basic environment, it growth at PH ranging from 8.0-9.0.


Temperature is one of the required substances which micro organism needed for growth, in all micro organisms there are specific range of temperature range needed to growth. Average temperature is the temperature in which most micro organism is comfortable to growth. While the lowest temperature is that which micro organism ceases to growth but remain stagnant. The highest temperature is that which there is decline of the growth of micro organism doe to death that took place as a result of high temperature.

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