2018 BIO216: Chemistry Of Carbohydrates and Lipids, Nucleic Acids question and answer

Question 1: which of these disaccharide contain identical monosaccharide units?

Answer is: trehalose

Question 2: all but one of these are sugar found in glycoprotein?

Answer is galactose, fucose and manose.

If you chose any of these, you will fail

Because the correct question it suppose be all but one of these is not sugar found and glycoprotein.

Question 3 the two major component of all membrane protein and?

Answer is lipid

Question 4 one of these liquid has a sugar in it back bone?

Answer is glycolipid

Question 5: how many subtype of ApoC are known to be present in the VLDL?

Answer is 3

Question 6: ______ transport cholesterol to the extrahepatic tissues?

Answer is LDL

Question 7 ______ are involved in the movement of dietary tiacyglycerol from the intestine to the other tissues?

Answer is Chylomicrons.

Question 8 which of these statement is not true of integral protein?

Answer if they can easily be extracted

Question 9 lipids are transported in the blood bond with protein as?

Answer is lipoprotein

Question 10 Apo D is found in all but one of these?

Answer is HDL.

Points to know about this question 10 is that the question is not currently be asked.

The correct question supposed to be Apo D is not found in all of these except?

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