PHY202 Modern Physics TMA3 Question and answer

Question 1 calculate the wavelength associated with the motions of a 46g golf ball at a speed of 36 million per second? take h 6.5 x 10_34j

The answer is 4.0×10-34m

Question 2 the de Broglie wave can be regarded as_____ wave?

Answer is probability

question 3 which of the following terms cannot be used to describe both an election and atom?






Question 4 election can circle an atomic nucleus indefinitely without radiating energy if it orbit an integral numbers of election wavelength in circumference is a statement of_____?

Answer is Bohr theory of the hydrogen

Question v bohr model predictz that the energies of an element characteristic x-ray?

Answer is increase with increasing atomic number

Question 6 if the energy of the bohr hydrogen atom is greater than zero then the?

Question 7 as the speed of the particle increase the de broglie wavelength of the particles?

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