MacConky Agar

MacConky Agar

 These media composed of;

Sodium chloride


Neutral red



Sodium taucholate

The media should be prepared via manufacturer instruction.

These media is used for differentiating intestinal organism into pathogen and non pathogenic fermenter micro organism, the nutrient substance of these media is peptone while agar is a solidifying agent, sodium taurocholate is bile salt agent that inhibits the growth of several gram positive organisms, and the lactose served as lactose fermenting organism, while neutral red used as indicator. The indicator work by the process whereby when the fermentation take place it yield acid and these acid react with bile salt to give red color, while non lactose fermenter exhibit alkaline reaction in these case will absorb neutral red and give a colorless colonies, but if MacConkey agar is prepared without sodium chloride been added, the media will provide electrolyte. The present of low electrolyte it resists most proteus species from covering the surfaces of the media.

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