Organic matter accumulation

Root behind coming to existence of petroleum is the production, accumulation saving of organic matter found underground to have existed for many centuries. It should be beard in mind that the words organic matter did not include mineral skeletal part like, teeth, bones and shells. Organic matter accumulation underground is controls by numbers geological environmental boundary. It totally limited to aquatic environmental sediment deposits, that must have received one certain limit amount of organic matter. organic matter can be supplied in the form of lethal or leaving substance of organic matter or in form of dissolute organic matter. The organic matter may authochthonous to the environment it found to be deposited. What it mean by that, is that the may originated on the column of above water or sediments that where buried. The organic matter may also be allochthonous, which it may be news to it deposit environment. The major point to understand in these point is that both water body energy and the mineral sediment particle’s will be in the same proportions to permits suck kind of sedimentation. Their will be erosion of the sediment on the surfaces of water if, the energy of the water body is higher than the sediment energy or the deposits will too coarse to reabsorb the organic material density.

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