Weighing equipment is very important in the medical laboratory. Because before reagent can be prepared, the must be weigh to known the quantity required to be titrated with the solvent, that define the important of weighing balance in the medical laboratory. Weighing balance are produce with different rate of sensitivity, because of the nature and quantity of the substance to be weighed. There three various type of weighing balance, they are;

Types of weighing balance

  1. Analytical weighing balance
  2. Electronic weighing balance
  3. Direct rea out and top loading weighing balance.

Next the discussion is on the various type of weighing balance.

Analytical weighing balance

The analytical weighing balance is the olden type of weighing balance. The weighing balance is design with two pan balance, with easy procedure of operation, it has a weigh which is added to one of the pan and the substance to be weigh is place on the second pan. As we said earlier these type is the olden type of weighing as such is spontaneously fading away by been replace with electronic weighing balance. Another type of analytical weighing balance called single pan balance, is modification of two pan balance. On these type of analytical balance, it made with beam attached to one end of the analytical balance with a weighing scale on it. Prior to weighing, the scale is set to zero with help of knob on the other side of the beam. The substance subjected for weighing is weighed via scale movement on the beam to achieved equilibrium. These balance only take a maximum weight of 200g and with 1g sensitivity.

Analytical weighing machine

Electronic weighing balance  

With invention of microprocessor in the area of electronics, led to introduction of highly sensitive electronic weighing balance. The mechanism behind these instrumentation of weighing is based on correlation of weight with electromagnetic force. The electronic weighing balance have one pan, is often sometimes called mono-pan balance, the pan balance have electronic coil that is deferred in an electronic magnetic fields. When weigh is added to the pan, it project the coil to move, when the coil move, it modify the electric current within the electromagnetic field. The modification that take place in the coil is related to the substance weight, and is finally measure and read out with an indicator. The balance is considered to be more expensive, but it give accurate result, speed and simple to use.

electronic weighing machine

Direct read-out top-loading balance

These type of balance exist in two form, which are electric or electronic. The electric type is les exorbitant and highly strong. Either the electric or electronic direct read-out top-loading balance, it poses the same benefit of being simple and fast to use, because of the weight of the substance is seen on the top of the balance, direct read-out scale, they also pose instrument that recompense for the weight of weighing  container.

direct readout top loading balance

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