Automated blood culture

Automated blood culture 

Automated blood culture: there are several methods developed for the automatic detection of bacteria growth in a medium. Most but all of this method depend on the obtaining of different source of metabolites, these takes place in respond to previous of carbon dioxide or other metabolite give out. There are of three technique which method strictly follow in term of automatic blood culture which are:

Radiometry; these was taken as one of the frequency used method. As the name implied it works by giving out radioactive carbon dioxide from the radioactively labelled metabolite that is present in the medium, as the research goes om these method has been changed to infrared detection, because there are some organism that are not radioactive organism, so in these case it was change to allow examination of non-radioactive microorganism. Microorganism in the culture media release out some gas due to metabolism that takes place in the bottle. These phenomenon lead to an increase of pressure in the system, with these increase in the pressure, it permit the detection of microbiological growth by direct examination with ever due to an increase capillary tube liquid medium.

Bacteria growth in the medium takes place due to change in Eh this can be detected by electrochemical using an easy gold aluminum electrode detection system in the medium.

Before blood is used for culture remember that the period of incubation is very important, the incubation can take up to 14 days these incubation layer on the microorganism in question for culture, because some of the organism growth faster in the medium. Brucella is one of the organism that grow slowly in blood culture. On culture using blood sometimes may lead to growth of several organism in the medium.


The immunocompromised patient sometime possess septicaemia, these occur to them because sometimes they encountered some skin contamination by micro organism. extremely precaution is important when blood for culture is to be taken handling and subculture in order to contaminate thee system with other organism.

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