Simple step to receive Google AdSense Payment Into saving Account in Nigeria

On these post am going to teach you simple step to receive your AdSense payment into your Nigerian saving account.

As you all know Google AdSense have two payment method to pay there publisher all over the world, which are;

  1. By check
  2. By Wire Transfer.

To do justice to the topic of these post, we will discus only on wire transfer method of payment.

Wire transfer is an electronic means of send money across the globe using electronic. Due to electronic involvement, it make payment easy and fast round the world.

Due to Google AdSense, choice of payment, wire transfer is fast and save for people which are not living in USA, and some other western country.

The easy way to received AdSense payment to Nigerian saving account is through wire transfer, with wire transfer, it take you only 48 to 72 hours to received your AdSense payment.

So now let get started.

Want to received your AdSense payment into your local bank account in Nigeria, just follow these the provide on these post.

Step 1. login to your AdSense home page


Step 2. Click on the white 3 line close to home On the page above, a page will open as shown below;

ads 2

Step 3. Click on payment, shown on the page above, it will take you to another page shown below;


Step 4. Now click on MANAGE PAYMENT METHOD, it will take to another page shown below


step 5. Now click on ADD PAYMENT METHOD, as shown on the page above, it will take you to another page shown below;

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step 6. now select add new wire transfer details, on the options shown on the above page, it take to another page shown below;


Step 7. On the above page, is form provided for to fill, make sure that you fill it correct, any mistake make while filling these form may prevent google not be able to send you payment.So take your time to fill it carefully.

After you right on the bove page,

Then fill the above form page as follow,

To receive payouts by bank transfer, contact your bank for exchange rates and fees. Bank account must be located in Nigeria and in US Dollar currency.

  1. Beneficiary Id (optional): Leave the space blank if you are using individual account

Enter your Bank account name

  1. Name on bank account: example (Musa Shaban)

Enter your Bank Name, example


  2. SWIFT BIC: For UBA Only enter the following UNAFNGLA

  3. Account number: 065066……. example

  4. Re-type Account number: 065066……. example

  5. Intermediary bank (ask your bank): CITIBANK NEW YORK

  6. Intermediary bank name (optional): CITIBANK NEW YORK UNITED STATE

  7. Intermediary SWIFT-BIC (optional): (CITIUS33)

Leave these blank

FFC or FBO (ask your bank)

For further credit/for benefit of (optional)

(Click here if have more than one account and you want to be receiving money into the account details you provide here.)

Set as primary payment method

This payment method may need to be verified. If you make this your primary payment method, payments may be delayed.

Note: the swift code provided on these post is for UBA only. Please you are advice to contact your bank so that they can provide you there swift code.

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