How to login to your NOUN New Student portal.

How to login to your NOUN Student portal.

National Open University of Nigeria is one of the best online University in West African. The university have over 500 thousand student currently. With the recent assent of the bill to allow the university operate like other conventional university by President Muhammad Buhari, have given a new face to the university as many student are now applying to study at the university. Since the university is online study, the student is not expected to meet there lecturer face to face.

As everything the student must do in other to excel in the university, solely base online. And when any student register for the university, he will be given a matric number, and they require them to go to student portal and login with their matric number. Unfortunately some new student don’t know how to go about it. On these post am going to teach you how to sign into your student portal after your matric number have been given to you.

New student Sign to your Portal

If you are new student, and you have been given your matric number;

You are expected to sign in and change your password, to sign to student portal,  click on these Link STUDENT PORTAL

After click on the link above it will take you to a page shown below;

as you see on the above page, where they ask for matric number, enter your matric number there, and where they ask for your password, please enter your password there. Then click submit to login to your student portal.

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Note: if you are a new student your password and your matric number is the same except you have been issued a password from your chosen study centre. But as new student you are expected to change your password immediately after you login to the portal as a first time login.

That is all if you have any question please drop it on our comment section. Thanks for reading.

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