Guide to Answer Noun TMA

How to Get NOUN TMA question out and answer it before summiting

Nice to have you join me again at we want you to know that your success is our objectives. So without you, will not be existence. On these post we are going to teach you how to Answer NOUN TMA (Tutor mark and Assignment).

But before that, you should know that your success been a NOUN students is your ability to know how to answer your TMA correctly, Because failing your TMA is the beginning of your failure as a NOUN students.

Our Advice for you to succeed your Academic in NOUN

1. Do all what you can to summit your TMA at a stipulated times

2. Make sure that you don’t score less than 8/10 on any of your TMA

3. When answering your TMA Dont rush, if you Dont know the answer to the question go online to search for the answer, also make use of your handouts that is very important, because many of the question are directly rooted from the handouts.

With these very tips you will succeed as student of National open University of Nigeria.

Now that you cannot print out your TMA and answer all of them before summiting. Their are other ways you can get your TMA question out, then answer then before summiting.

To get your Noun TMA question out, click on the TMA you want to get question as if you want answer it, write the question down give it number 1, then close the question and reopen it again, another question will come out write it down as number 2, close it and reopen again, do it continuously until you have your 10 questions and option written down. From there you now answer all your questions before login to your portal to summit.

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Hope these tip help you?

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