On the ongoing national ASSU strike, federal government of Nigeria and the academic staff union of Universities, on Friday 1 of February resume meeting. It will recall that academic staff union of Universities, (ASUU) embark on an indefinite strike on the 4 of November 2018, the cause of the indefinite strike is as a result of the ASUU demanding the improvement of the university funding and also inability of the federal government to fulfill the earlier promise they make with ASUU.

The meeting which is said to have taken place today in Abuja with the minister of labour and employment is not the first, since the commencement of the strike last year.

Before these meeting, a maximum of eight other meeting where hold before, upon interrogation with the ASUU national president, Mr. Biodun Ogunyemi, earlier these week, the national union president of ASUU said they are still consulting there members, and will issue it feedback of the union to the federal government before the end of the week.

On these Friday meeting, Mr Biodun commended the federal government for issuing certificate of operation for the Nigerian University pension Management Company from the National pension Commission.

The Union was granted certificate of operation for the pension management company by the federal government of Nigeria.

The refusal of the pencom commission to grant teachers union pension commission for operation was one of the critical problems between ASUU and the federal government.

Upon granting these approval, the union president said that there are other areas that the government need to touch in other to bring the strike to an end as quickly as possible.

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This is one of the basic condition given by the striking lecturer.

The critical issue that is prolonging the negotiation, is the revitalization of the public universities across the country, as we publish these post Nigerian government is yet to release the N1.1trillion, the government promise to release as part of their agreement to fund the project.

2013 MoU said that public universities in Nigeria need at least N1.3 trillion to revive the universities.

The fund was to be release in a sequential other of N200 billion in 2013. N220 billion in 2014; N220 billion in 2015; N220 billion in 2016; N220 billion in 2017; N220 billion in 2018.

But the only release N200 billion in 2013, during President Googluck Jonathan, since then none of these fund was released.

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