Multiplication and division of monomials

Example 1 multiply a2 by a6.

a2 X a6 = (a X a) X (a X a X a X a X a X a)

= a X a X a X a X a X a X a X a

= a8


Notice that the index in the result is the sum of the indices given,

e.g . a5 X a7 = a5+7 = a12

a8 X a = a9 remember that a = a1

am X an = am+n .

Example 2

Multiply 2c3 d e2 by -5c2 d5e

(2c4 d e3)
X (-5c2 d6e
) = (2ccccdeee) X (-5ccdddddde)

                                  = -2 X 5ccccccdddddddeeee

                                 = -10 c<sup>6 </sup>d<sup>7 </sup>e<sup>4

With these tutorial hope you can used multiplication and division of monomials anywhere you found it in your math’s.

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