Kogi election: open letter to Ohinoyi of Ebiraland, hrm, dr. Ado Ibrahim, Attah 3rd, on the reconciliation of gyb and barr. natasha akpoti for ebira progress — Hon. Onujagbe Nasir.

  1. Above refer, with all humility and respect for the traditional institution chaired by your Majesty, i passionately forward this piece to your good Palace on the aforementioned subject matter.
  2. Your Highness sir, it is no news that two of your illustrious children mentioned above are on the part of Political war capable of degrading and polarizing the relative Peace we’re enjoying in the recent time.
  3. The duo, based on their slogan claimed to be working for the interest of Ebira nation to restore our past glory which nobody can refute. Be that as it may, the restoration of the past glory can not be achieved in a pandemonium and discordant tune without Unity, Teamwork and Forgiveness of our sins for each other.
  4. Your Majesty sir, in a kingdom of the wise, the children can not be fighting and the elderly are busy Wine and Dine on assumptions that All is well, Sir, All is not well with your Kingdom hence this well thought-out open letter.
  5. In a Societal settings individual is the unit cell that form family which transmutes to a Society, while Society gives birth to a Nation.
  6. From the foregoing, one can see that Society or Nation can not exist without the people for functional and pragmatic ideal.
  7. The “IDEAL” for the purpose of this write up is the PRICELESS PEACE Ebira needed for Functionality and Progress of the land. However, Society goes down where peace is elusive and compromised by the leadership of such Community. “Two wrongs can never make a right”.
  8. Your Majesty sir, your Kingdom is creeping into illusion as a result of the Political fight by the two gladiators. They are too important and germane to be allowed a Free- for-All fight. ENOUGH is ENOUGH.
  9. This reminds me once again of a philosophical Song by Aneku Achewuru obanyi the great and i quote “Eewu ni andai Anebira sa va na hi reyi, Eewu ni andai Anebira sa va na hi reyi, ireyi ogwen ozii ta ezu Vuo, ireyi ohu oza mu ezu kuo. –meaning, this is a warning rhythm to a quarreling brothers availing them the extent of damages and afflictions quarrel could course to a Society.
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10.Your Majesty sir, on behalf of Peace, tranquillity and development of our Land i humbly crave the indulgence of the Palace to kindly intervene by convening a reconciliatory meeting soonest and reconcile them together to sheath their Swords for the sake of Ebira they claimed to be working for.

11.This reminds me of the second version of the reconciliatory song by the same Achewuru and I quote “Eewu ni andai Anebira sa va na hi poda, Eewu ni andai Anebira sa va hi poda, ipoda va na si ma honi ireyi ipoda ava si ma honi ireyi ipoda” — Meaning this is a reminder rhythm to a reconciled brothers availing them the opportunities and blessings reconciliation could bring to a Society.

  1. Your Highness sir, the two gladiators are assets to Ebira nation at moment and time is indeed on their side to rise further in their political career, most especially Barr. Natasha a promising social entrepreneur and change agent. She has spoken and made name in her Political outings tell her not to let hell loose from this her first attempt for she doesn’t know what the future holds for her.
  2. Sir, through your palace reconciliation she can vacate her Court case and be re-integrated into the mainstream and sky will be her limit in her contributions to the development of the land.

14.As for GYB, God has crowned him to be the governor and father to all kogites hence he needs to endure, absorb, tolerate and accept everyone as his own by extending his Olive branch to the deserving ones for Peace and development to reign in the state.

  1. As earlier stated in my previous write ups, no permanent friends or enemies in Politics but permanent interest, let not their personal interest jeopardize the overall interest of Ebira nation. They can be supporters of each others in future elections, who knows?
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16.Your Majesty sir, Ebira nation is looking forward to Mother of all Rally where Barr. Natasha Akpoti and GYB will embrace each other for a mark of honour to Ebira nation.

May God help us, Amen.

I StandFor Truth.

From Nasir Onujagbe

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