Senator Almakura Sponsors a Motion on the Floor of the Senate – Wednesday, 20th November, 2019

Presenting the motion entitled “Urgent Need to Address the Power Shortages in Nigeria by including Nuclear Power in Nigeria’s Energy Mix, Senator Al-Makura noted that the primary sources of energy for the production of electricity in Nigeria includes Gas, Hydro, Oil and Coal, with current power generation capacity of 7000 Mega Watts;

He further noted that Nuclear energy is one of cleanest and safest source of energy in the world today and nuclear power generation does not produce greenhouse gases;

Senator Al-Makura also recalled that the Nigeria and Russian Federation signed bilateral agreements on Nuclear Energy cooperation. The recent visit of the President C-in-C to Russia is a move in the right direction to stimulate implementation;

Cognizant that the Nigerian Atomic Energy commission was reactivated with the mandate to drive the processes towards deploying nuclear energy for peaceful purposes and wellbeing of Nigerians;

Senator Al-Makura further buttressed that the National Energy Policy, which was approved in 2003, along with the National Energy Master plan that was produced in 2007, should be updated and passed into law;

Also observed that Billions of Naira were spent towards energy increment by previous administration with no commensurate benefits to Nigeria in improved power generation;

That the treaties and protocols on nuclear energy ratified by Nigeria which are the legal guaranties for nuclear energy are yet to be domesticated in Nigeria, same having failed to reach 3rd reading at the Senate in both the 6th and 8th National Assembly respectively;

Senator Al-Makura in his explanation expressed worries that power outages in Nigeria have constituted the major constraint to the development of the manufacturing sector and negatively affect the cost of running business in Nigeria and ultimately the economy of the country; and

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Al-Makura said unless the energy mix in Nigeria is broadened to include Nuclear Energy, the persistent power outages being experienced by the country will not be easy to address.

Following the importance of this motion, the Senate accordingly resolved to:

(a) Urge the Federal Government to reposition the Nigerian Nuclear Regulatory Authority to enable it to carry out its mandate of ensuring safety, security safeguards and physical protection of nuclear materials including hazardous waste in Nigeria;

(b) Urge the Federal Government to re-engineer, refocus and recognize the Nigerian Atomic Energy Commission with the mandate to ensure timely contacts and negotiations with nuclear vendors for construction of nuclear power plants with time line;
Urge the Federal Government to expedite action on the Nuclear Safety, Security and Safeguards Bill currently with the Senate; and

(c) Pass into law all treaties and protocols on nuclear energy as ratified by Nigeria.

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