Natash Beg Nigerians to Help Mrs. Abuh who was burned to death by Bello thugs get justice

Kogi Social Democratic party, (SDP) 2019 gubernatorial candidate Natasha’s H. Akpoti apologized to Nigerian to help Mrs. Acheju Abuh that was burned to death by Governor Yahaya Bello thugs get justice.

Natasha said this today after she paid a condolence visit to the family of the deceased.

Natasha also recount the words the woman said to her when she visited Igala palace on Monday 11th of November 2019, according to her “Natasha, the Margaret Thatcher of Nigeria”

She said, “were the last words of late Mrs. Acheju Abuh to me during my visit to the Atta of Igala’s palace on Monday the 11th of November 2019.

We took the picture attached and you can see how full of life late Mrs. Abuh (in brown veil) was exactly a week to her untimely death in the hands of Gov Yahaya Bello sponsored APC kogi thugs.

So, today I paid a visit to her family… met with her husband and 2 of her 4 children; all graduates and highly intelligent.

Words failed me at the sadness when her last daughter cried “All I need is justice for my mother”.

Good people of Kogi state and Nigeria, I lay this case at your feet.

Help this kind family find justice because no one deserves to die for the crown.

Yet I, Natasha H Akpoti by God and the ancestors of our lands say; … whosoever is directly or indirectly connected to the murder of Mrs Salome Abuh .. from the hand that provided money for the guns & petrol, to those who actualized the act, to the beneficiaries of this gruesome act…

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meet same fate if justice is denied.


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