I didn’t lobby for the appointment, Engr Bahir Gegu Commissioner of solid Mineral and Natural Resources say

Kogi State Commissioner of Solid Mineral and natural resources, Engr Abubakar Bashir Muhammad Gegu has debunked the insinuation that he lobby to be appointed by Governor Yahaya Bello as commissioner.

Engir Bashir said this while responding to Omokoshaban message put through to his Facebook messenger.

Bashir in his response said that governor Yahaya Bello once told him, that he want to encouraged hardwork.

According to the executive governor, Bashir is the cornerstone while Kogi Kotonkarfe Local government area is no go area for other political party.

Bashir in his reply said “I didn’t lobby for the appointment but H.E GYB once told me he want to encourage hardworking and I am one of the front liner of his projects.
That kogi LGA is a no go area,”.

Meanwhile Omokoshaban editor, earlier yesterday received a report, which claimed that Engir Bashir, lobby to be appointed as the commissioner.

According to the post, Engir Abubakar, decamped to the ruling party not up to two year, so he did not deserved the appointment.

The post, further stated that, their so many Kogi KKF people who are the core founder of APC and has remain in the party despite any challenge, according to the post, he point out Saidu Akawu, according to him, Saidu deserved the appointment or another person should be appointed.

When Omokoshaban, try to interview him, to no either he hate Bashir or what?, he said no he did not hate anyone but the truth be told Bashir did not deserved the appointment.

Recalled that Engir Bashir has play a critical role behind Governor Yahaya Bello second term reelection.

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One of the role play by him, is by stepping down for Governor Bello on the day of APC gubernatorial primary elections.

The Engir who is also a gubernatorial candidate reportedly announced his stepping down few minute on his arrival to the venue of the primary elections in 2019.

Bashir also institute political campaign group, who execute door to door neighbor campaign for Governor Yahaya Bello reelection.

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