10 reasons why 85% beautiful ladies are not married in Nigeria


Gabriel O peter has taken to social media to share what he think are the major reasons while beautiful ladies remain unmarried.

Peter on his post, give ten reasons why 85% of beautiful ladies in Nigeria are not married.

Peter who highlight the reason via comment section while reacting to a post in group when a man ask, “while 85% of our beautiful ladies are not married”?

In his reaction, he said:

“The girls problems (1)Spirit husband (2)family Oracles (3)his is not my class (4)check mating families bagrand (5)confusion of the guys that came for u (6)insulting the wrong person (7)ancestors (8)Gene rational courses by Monitoring spirit (9)Over sabbi (10) All girls Note this at the maturing age of any girl one thing occur plenty boys guys men’s we comes ur way,that is the beginnings time for all girls hv today U need to known & discovered were it begins from Etc; thanks.”

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