It is very wrong to use people's mistakes to mock and gossip them in the church, Eremutha To pastor



Eremutha who wrote on the effect of "church punishment and suspension" said that many people who were suspended from church never recovered fully because of the way some pastors handle the case.

According to him, many pastor use the offence which the persons committed that lead to his/her suspension to preach on the altar while calling the persons name as a reference.

He said such action is refer to as blackmail, which he said is totally against church doctrine.

Eremutha Edherezi wrote "One thing most people don't know about church punishment and suspension is that most people don't recover fully after serving their punishment, some later become heart broken and depressed. I am not against church punishment and suspension, the problem is that most of our church leaders don't know how to handle it. People now fear church management committee more than Jesus. For example, a girl in the church who was pregnant for a man who is not yet her husband, after serving her punishment and suspension, the church members and leaders should try to move on and forget the past.

The pastor should not use her case to preach on the altar, let alone mentioning her name on the altar. When the pastor do such a thing, it now becomes a blackmail. It is very wrong to use people's mistakes to mock and gossip them in the church. I will never forget the day, a big man of God was crying just because he made a little mistake.

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—Peter Oparah

He was trying to help his friend but he never knew that his friend was involved in a shady deal.we all know how Christ handled the issue of the woman caught in the act of adultery. Am not saying that everybody that commits sin should be told to go and sin no more, but we should apply wisdom.

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As a church we should be able 🖕to detect that one of Satan's greatest weapon in this end time is blackmail. Satan love to blackmail the children of God and there are issues that most not be discussed on the altar but in the office. After suspension, we must make sure that the people involved are completely healed and we shouldn't hate or remind them of their past so that Satan will not take advantage of their mistakes."

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