During my oath, I didn’t swear to protect the interest of powerful people, but people of Kogi State -Gov Bello


Kogi State Governor, Alh. Yahaya Bello blow hot again about him be under pressure to announced false covid-19 result in Kogi State.

Bello who has several time turn NCDC down, seem to be facing tough time from some top government official.

Recall that some NCDC official on fact finding mission visited Kogi State on Thursday, but turn back after Governor Bello order them to go for 14 days isolation before they can proceeds with their mission.

The action has cause more confusion in Nigeria.

Bello today while on live program on AIT, when ask while is he doing all what he is doing now in Kogi State?

Bello said what is doing now, is what he take an oat to doe.

He said “During my Oath taking, I didn’t swear to protect the interest of the powerful people but to protect the life and property of the people of Kogi State.”

Kogi state, is one of the two state in Nigeria, who is yet to record covid-19 case.



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  1. I don’t support any political party, I hit you when you do the right thing or wrong thing.
    To this effect, I believe there’s no coronavirus in Kogi State. You can’t hide it, by now people of Kogi State would have been on the street insulting Bello that he’s quite when there people are dieing. We all know the mode of spread, it is more than a month now and the spread would have been out of control. They should stop playing politics with the virus.
    Up till now, you don’t know anyone who has it, your friend don’t know anyone, even your friend friends don’t know anyone.
    We all know it’s real, but we should stop falsifying figures when Nigerians are dying of hunger. Shame on NCDC, shame on minister of health, shame on our so call leaders and shame on Nigeria.

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