Twitter Users Blast Sterling Bank After Sharing A Tweet Of Them Wanting To Work With Cynthia Morgan On Twitter

After the trending story of Cynthia Morgan ordeal and how some fellow artists are willingly to help her get back at her feet, it seems that Sterling Bank PLC isn’t left out of people wanting to work with her.

On a tweet shared by the bank’s official Twitter handle on Sunday, 25th May, it was clearly stated that the bank was indeed ready to work with her on their ONE BANK campaign.

Requesting Cynthia Morgan on her new Twitter handle, @MadrinaFire to DM them on the said opportunity.

They tweeted;

“Hey Cynthia Morgan, we have followed your story and believe there is a bright future ahead of you. We would like to work with you on our ONE BANK campaign. Please get in touch by DM.

After the tweet, some Twitter users found it quite inappropriate for them to make a public notice like this, referring them as clout chaser.

Others who saw nothing wrong with it, praised them for making this smart business move.

Screenshots of their reactions:

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