5 years of President Buhari: the unbeatable records

Exactly today, history was made, five years ago Power was peacefully transmitted from a democratically elected government to another. The power was taken from a party that practiced kliptocracy instead of economically viable democracy that could Care for the masses but decided to take care of selected few of about 10% elites while others walloped in abjet poverty and penury. The biggest party in Africa that boasted to be in power for 60 years was cut short just after 16years of humiliating leadership.

The dossier and the solutions proffered by Buhari administration so far

1) Power shifted from PDP to APC and Jonathan handed over the Barton of leadership to General Muhammadu Buhari (GMB) who democratically addressed himself as President Muhammadu Bihari (PMB). A born again democrat took over.

2) The beginning became hard to understand as the democrats were in confusion to which model PMB was going to propel the nation. In the very first month some were not comfortable with the quietness, others were expecting the type of Buhari in 1985 while some early critics were bombarding the press. I could remember Dele Momodu, a non calculative ovation magazine owner who said that the former general should have hit the ground running. But Generals don’t run on field, full of mines.

2) As the time roled by, Buhari had taken his time to study the hand over note and the revaluation that came out was that, PDP handed over empty treasury, diplated foreign reserve, zero sovereign funds account, internal and international debt had risen, uncompleted projects, Boko Haram withholding 17 LGA in the Northeast, Militants with obnoxious contracts for maintaining pipelines, while OPC was in charge of AREPO on day to day battling with vandalization. Tompolo became the boss of our navy with his own war ship. Kidnapping was the order of the day, robbery, banditism and cultists held sway in the SE and SS. This was Nigeria at a glance with dwindling economy heading towards recession in 2015.

3) It took Baba 6 months to constitute his cabinet, a phenomenal many saw as bad beginning but many up till date could not even know it was a strategic move. The permanent secretaries were fully engaged while money was tactically saved and the country was moving ahead. Baba was able to pay salaries, gave out bail outs to states that could not pay salaries after the governors and the just booted out government gang raped the nation.

4) EFCC was engineered and ICPC were geared twords the obvious thieves, some generals were nabbed with Billons stashed into different accounts, other hid their loots in septic tanks, suck always and country farms. Some major looters found their ways to foreign countries. ONSA man was nabbed and detained. He shared $2-1bn meant to prosecute the war in the NE to his party men for election. Some thieves entered into plea bargaining and forefeature of properties worth in Billons of Naira. Some cases are still on up till now.

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5) The minister of Finance was brilliant and fearce, in conjunction with the presidency, TSA and BVN which were only theoretically handled during the previous government, were allowed to function with torror implementation and monitoring. Agencies with over 300 accounts were moped and forced to enroll into TSA, trillions of Naira were recovered. Over 50,000 ghost workers were discovered in the civil service. MDAs and head of Agencies were striped naked, it was no more business as usual. A democratic Buhari introduced whistle blowing policies, corruption was reduced at least to minimum. It is no more on top of the table. The struggle continues.

6) Cumulative of a shaby economy, crude at $29/barrel, Avenger was blowing oil facilities to defend the arrest of their looters, other economic factors lead us to economic recession and we tactically pulled out with a twincle of an eye. Prudent spending and diversification helped the government to avert Venezuelan option but still many are ungteatful.

7) Buhari freed the 17 LGA which were declared as caliphate by BH, their flags were removed and the insurgents were heavily bombarded in all fronts, they fled to Sambisa forest. Good numbers of Chibok girs were freed. Daily suicide bombing subsided pockets of the enemies resulted to soft targets occasionally. Life resumed in the NE. Even though war with BH haram has not ended completely today, the story has changed. We have tactically decimated the insurgents.

7) As Buhari was taking the main enemies in the war front and in the economic fronts, other bandits, kidnappers in the name of headsmen were emerging. Obviously corruption was fighting back. There was sabotage everywhere especially towards the election period for second term. The herdsmedia launched their attacks, Fulani herdsmen became the order of the day. The security challenges was over bloated for smear campaign. Most of these were tackled and nibbed on the board. One notorious bigot launched his own in the SE the fugitive ran for self exile on the visit of mere python without teeth. Militancy was quenched on diplomatic level. Nigeria moved on to tackle main economic issues.

8) The most challenging which we are still battling today is the economy you all know, it is not an easy task. No nation got it right within a decade. It is all about laying economic foundation, eradicating corruption and put in place favorable conditions for private business to thrive. Cumulatively Buhari is putting all these in order. By these efforts, recently it earned the country one of the best place on ease of doing business.

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9) What can you say on infrastructural development and industrialization. As discussed earlier, the handing over note was seriously deficient of infrastructural development, most projects were either abandoned or shabbily executed. The Federal government under Buhari supervision, took the bull by the horn, reviewed the projects and continue building the country. In some cases, some contractors who have collected money and did not do anything were called to order. For example, Jebba/Mokwa road was done by putting pressure on the contractor. Where contractors were not paid, they were mobilized to start work. As at today, 2nd Niger bridge which was only in the Map during PDP 16year of wasteful era is being attended to. Buhari has promised it’s completion before his tenure ends in 2023. There is general infrastructural revamping, railway construction, pipe line laying for industrial energy needs, and so on, Nigeria is being nicknamed internationally as a construction site. The Man Buhari is on top of this all.

10) Power is a serious matter in the life of any nation and to Nigeria in particular. On this topic, we have experienced corruption and policy surmmersults. In general, there have been motion without movement, work without results and billions have been spent unaccounted for. Various committee reports were read, probes into misappropriated funds have yeilded no result. The distribution owners are mere former thieves who mortgaged the assets without putting anything to revamp it. They got Greek gifts from Jonathan ineptitude, idleness, cluelesness and inaction. The president has negotiated with Siemens for government to government power generation and distribution to get to 11,000MW before 2023 and to further get to 25,000MW. This similar project directive have been set up for the rivival of Ajaokuta steel too with the Russians. Bravo!

11) Talking about Agriculture and diverisifation policies of this government, the score cards are there to see. It is no naysaing that we are already producing our foods and processing orders for distribution value chains. The Nigeria rice are everywhere the varieties are so numerous with high quality. Some unscroplous people are even repackaging the local rice and labelling them as imported ones just to make exorbitant profits. Other locally produced farm produce are available in large quantity. I will suggest here to the government to provide palliative in transportation in other to bring the prices of food items down for the common masses.

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12) This article will be inadequate if I will not talk about social intervention employment generation and school feeding program. We all know who are the N-Power workers, the trade mini beneficiaries. I can boldly beat my chest and tell you that these are effective ways of eradicating poverty from the society. The school feeding have given so much assistance to poor families and encouraged children to go to school.

13) The bunch of Nigeria problems are in the states, the governors with their powers have mortgaged the state funds to themselves and to their family members. The president canvassed for the separation of power, the local government now collect their allocation directly. The recent executive order signed by the president will bring in addition transparency to the way the governors manage the state finances. Government is getting closer to the people not to only the elites.

14) Anti corruption fight is a topic I feel reluctant talking about and at the same time I will not blame it on the president for it’s slow pace. The unwritten laws to exempt the biggest thieve is a big factor that has damaged this crusade. The architect who designed Nigerians corruption infrastructure is alive though on a wheel chair, The Engineer who executed the project is alive and still writing letters while the consolidator is hail and hearty receiving award as hero of democracy. How now do you justify sending other minor thieves to jail. What I have appreciated so much in the anti corruption fight is the barb wire set against the aspiring thieves in the civil (evil) service. The TSA, BVN and whistle blowing policies. The governors are doing a lot of havock at the state level. They need to be checkmated.

15) In conclusion, this five year is a year of foundation laying, change implementation, and endless fight against those who want to take us back to Egypt. Their slogan is failure, secession, divide, bigotry, insults, provocation, name calling like Jibrin, death wishes, sabotage, blackmail, herds media and so on and so forth. To God be the glory, PMB does not pay attention to these naysayers and self seeking mad folks
May God help the president to successfully complete his good work and retire to Daura as the best hero of our generation.
Congratulations to Mr. President

By Engr. Thany

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