Frank Mba reveals why most rapists go scot free in Nigeria


Frank Mba reveals why most rapists go scot free in Nigeria

Frank Mba reveals why most rapists go scot free in Nigeria

The spokesperson of the Nigerian Police Force, Frank Mba has revealed the reasons why a lot of rapists get away with the crime in Nigeria.

He made this known in a chat on TVC. He said that the first reason why rape cases are never successfully prosecuted is because they are reported late.

He also disclosed that alteration of the crime scene largely affects the success of a rape investigation. He said,

''The fundamental problem for us as investigators are three. Number one is the fact that a lot of rape cases are reported very late and the fact that they are reported late, it impacts on the quality and the success of investigations.

The longer you stay in reporting a rape case, the higher the probability or the chances that evidence and the crime scene will be mismanaged.

Although there is no status bar limiting the time you can report a rape case, you can even report twelve months later, but the earlier you report a rape case, the better and higher the chances of success."

Frank Mba said that the most important part of a rape investigation is the management of the crime scene.

''As a matter of fact, in most crimes, how the crime scene is managed determines the success of investigations and people must remember that rape cases are even very special in the sense that in a rape case, there are two immediate crime scenes.

The first crime scene is place where the crime took place whether it is in a room, a car, a bush path or in a church like the case of Uwa. That particular place where the crime took place is a major crime scene.

The second crime scene is the body of the woman. Infact the body of the victim is a walking crime scene. It is a living crime scene. It is a mobile crime scene. And how we manage both the physical as well as that living crime scene will determine the success of an investigation."
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