Important Reasons Why Men Dump Ladies


By Obinna Oluozara

Most men walk in and later walk out of your life, do you know why? Here is the simple reason. I want to talk to you today and to give you a little more insight into the nature of men and why many ladies keep falling victim of this.

Many ladies has fallen for this and after messing their lives around men who will use them and dump them, they will end up been miserable with the ‘ notion of all men are the same’ but the simple truth is a man can be fake with you and real with someone else.
Ladies, below are some of the those things you need to know

  1. Love doesn’t hurt
    Ladies, if you are into a relationship that you are always hurt, please leave that relationship. Love is tender, love cares, love does not hurt, love is everlasting. If he claims he loves you and still beats or hurt you, know that they is no love there anymore. You being in such relationship and enduring such mess, with the thought that things will be well will lead to a man using and dumping you. Value yourself and avoid this immediately.
  2. Love yourself first
    For ladies complaining of not finding the right person to love you or to spend the rest of your life with, I want to ask you this simple question, how much do you love yourself? When you don’t stand for something, you fall for anything. When you love and value yourself, no man will underrate and treat you bad because you know your self worth. Treat yourself well, when you do this, you will find someone who will also love and cherish you and not those that will use and dump you.
  3. Sex as a sign of love
    The simple truth is that a man can have sex with you without having any single feeling of love for you. The reason many men use and dump you is that you fall to realize that sex is not love and you quickly go to give him sex thinking he will love you more. The thing is men don’t value cheap things. Keep your pride and virginity and stop messing around thinking that will keep a man. Sex is never a sign of love and a responsible man who has future plan for you will not even be In a hurry to demand this. so, for these reason,be wise.
  4. Trusting the wrong person
    When you give trust to the wrong man, he will maltreat you. How will you trust someone you don’t know deep things about? Why should you trust someone who cheats on you? Why should you trust someone who beats you? When you do this, he will see you as a cheap slot and will have no resentment in using and dumping you. Ladies, make sure you know the in and out of a guy before trusting him. When you give your trust to the wrong person, use and dump is inevitable.
  5. Men express themselves more with action
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One simple truth about women been used and dumped is women are highly emotional and tend to measure their emotional sincerity with that of man. A lady’s tears is precious and will cry when she is emotionally unstable but a man can fake this and will not even mean it. Ladies, if he says he love you, let him show it. Check out for how he sacrifices precious things for you, check out for how he treats and care for you when you are down. This is something a man cannot hide. He might use words and tell you a thousand ‘ I love you ‘ but can he show it?
Ladies, you are precious and so stop wasting your time around a man you have no future with. They will only mess your life and go away and when the prince of your life comes, is it that left over body all sought of men have abused you want to give him?

I bet you, when you treat and place yourself well, no man can use and dump you.

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