OPINION ARTICLE : #COVID19, My Fears and Encouragements



We all have personal thoughts about the Coronavirus. Mine is quite entertaining. This article shows a transition between perceptions and encouragements outlined during this covid19 pandemic.

The views aired in this article are of personal opinion and not in anyway related to anyone. Enjoy!!!!

Coronavirus? Covid19? What’s all this? Is this the beginning of the end being prophesied by Nostradamus? If it is, then I’d better start asking for God’s forgiveness. Lol!

Could this news about a pandemic ‘flying’ around be real? A virus killing people in thousands, passing through homes like the biblical ‘angel of death’. I better start packing my luggage, off to Finland. But wait, what is this I hear in the news, “The virus is everywhere, easily contractable, with a simple sneeze from a carrier then you’ve been hosted. Little did I know my fears have just began.

On a lighter note, I had to make Google my friend, since the almighty COVID19 has been described as a novel virus, never been heard of but only having close ties with ‘SARS’ AND ‘MERS’ notably because of similarities in their symptoms. A closer look made me realize we are dealing with a major threat or let me say the world is in trouble. Gosh! This virus is real. Its microscopic shape like that of thorns is enough to send shivers down the spine of the strong hearted.

Then I began to imagine, could this be a retaliation from China against the United States, a trade war! A nuclear weapon! A biochemical weapon! A war between two strong nations! Hmm! All these better not be, because if they are, then the rest of the world is about to be turned into a football field and I dare say the phrase, ‘survival of the fittest’ is about to go viral and might surely trend for days.

I cannot begin to think of the effects this pandemic will have on the economies of countries especially in Africa. Though the effects are already being felt in all corners as at the time of this write up. At a time when we are still battling against insurgency, lack of water, social discrimination, tribal wars, corruption, nepotism, high level of poverty etc., then a foreign virus decided to rare its ugly head. But deep down, I smiled not because Africa is a bit safe compared to statistics in other parts of the world but because we have been through this tunnel once when Ebola virus broke out in remote parts of Democratic Republic of Congo. Nigeria was proactive enough to fight the disease, with the special efforts of the then Babatunde Fashola led Lagos State Government administration, it came, we saw and we conquered.

But what makes covid19 ‘devilishly popular’ is because of its widespread and ravaging deaths. Its tentacles are so long that they have touched every parts of the earth. A bit of sanity was restored when medical practitioners and field scientists affirmed that it affects the old more than the young possibly because of the immune system, but I refused to be fooled, this virus is a respecter of no one, neither the rich nor the poor, the weakest nor the strongest, the most popular nor the masses. When it strikes, it does so without looking back. A lot of families have been rendered helpless because this Chinese virus as being described by the much hated Donald Trump, has taken away their bread winner. Note, this write up is not trying to incite racism but rather airing a personal opinion.

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I forced a depressed look when I looked up the latest statistics on the coronavirus pandemic. My major interest was in Africa but my eyes caught something distasteful, a staggering 8.06million cases worldwide with 440,000 deaths. Like these are human lives we are talking about. Xi Jinping really has some explanations to give. He better be ready to face lawsuits and worldwide mass protests. Human lives should not be toiled with be it black, brown or white race. Africa with an approximate population of 1.3 billion is a bit lucky with a total of 260,952 cases, 119, 391 confirmed recoveries and 7,039 deaths, with my native country Nigeria having a total of 17,735 an approximate 6.6% of the total African coronavirus cases with total recoveries of 5,967 and 469 confirmed deaths. Then I said, it’s high time we began looking on the brighter side, Nigeria might be notoriously known for some things as being widely portrayed by local and foreign media but when it comes to this pandemic we have collectively been fighting against it. People living in the remotest parts of this country are well aware of this pandemic and what effects it can cause.

I was particularly moved when I read about a civil servant in Ekiti state, who handed his biological son to security agents during this pandemic lockdown for going against his instructions about travelling down from Lagos. Such passion and patriotism is enviable. Awareness about the effects of coronavirus is being broadcasted daily to keep the populace on their toes.

The interesting thing is the personal hygiene being practiced in my family has become second to none. Hand sanitizers and face masks have become essential commodities. It’s like we have become retailers of these items. Leg shakes have replaced my hand shakes though I enjoy greeting people that way. Nevertheless, we still have a long way to go, Government has been proactive in curbing the spread of this disease though without the rumours of corruption in high places. Friends laughed it off when I called it a ‘scamdemic’ because of some perceived corrupt practices.

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All in all, this disease is real, I have watched people die though on social media. I have in my own ways been able to educate people in my environment. We will keep safe till this phase pass out. The world is sick and will surely get healed, just like Ebola, this disease has come, we have seen it and we will surely conquer it. Practice personal hygiene. Use a face mask or shield. Visit the hospital immediately if you lack sense of taste and smell.

PS: Well it seems EBOLA is back. 17 people infected and 11 dead in Congo.
We will be OK.
Preach and do personal hygiene

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Seun Ibitoye is a writer with omokoshaban.com and an Information Marketing Specialist.



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