When Corrupt Cartels Fight Back, the Sorry situation with Nigerian’s Anti-Aorruption Frontliners

By Austeen Anibe Otene

Just like Farida Waziri and Nuhu Ribadu, the embattled Chairman of Nigeria’s anti-corruption agency, Ibrahim Magu is currently having a dose of the term “when corruption fights back” after a possible compromise at some point along duty line.

The truth is that only Abba Kyari holds the true situation with the entire corruption drama of how and what recovered looted funds were used for but unfortunately, to get those information, you need to DIE so as to meet him on the other side.

Nigeria is a country where corruption has been idolised in different shades. The truth is that once you are an upright person, stay upright no matter who’s horse is gored and if you know you can’t, then stay away. Thinking you can chage or fix the complex corrupt status when you are also compromised in some sort of ways is like living in your own world of innuendo because when your fellow players decides to take you down, you can’t escape it. This is the true state with Nigeria as of today.

Magu is obviously being fought today by the cabals of corruption. Their strategy is to gag you, drag you down and out of their way when they have no need for you any longer. No one is indispensable. So in all you do, just do it RIGHT.

I am afraid, Nigeria is no way near being fixed anytime soon.

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