Kogi LGA underperforming, suffering from persistent maladministration



By A.M Mubarak

Kogi Local Government Area is one of the powerful and recognized LGA Politically and otherwise in Kogi State with prominent, philanthropist, productive youth and Women inhabitants.

Abubakar Mubarak Musa

Kogi Local Government has witness maladministration, suffered underdevelopment and underemployment for years, no one can speak for they're oppressed, threateaned and sometimes monetized to be mute.

Education which is to be given outermost priority, yet is been neglected as politics has taken day, no adequate educational facilities, no qualified teachers and inadequate teachers, and unconducive learning environments. Most primary schools in the areas like (Omoko, Nyaba, Aseni, Adabo, Ahoko etc.) since establishment has not undergo rehabilitation.

Communites can not boast of well built and equipped hospital, Primary Health Care not provided with the basic facilities(RDT, Delivery kit, Bed etc.), no provision of essential drugs to PHCs even if provided are most time substandard. Idu, Aduho, osodumi, Etegi, Tanahu Primary Heath Care to mention but few are underequipped.

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Famers in the areas are also neglected, provision of fertilizer/seed are not been made available to them if provided by the state government are sold to them knowing too well that most Kogi LGA inhabitants are farmers. The LG can make  available micro loan for farmers to enable them get farm equipments, seeds fertilizer etc to boost their farm production.

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Some Communities stays not fewer than three months without electricity if not for the intervention of the state government

It's unfortunate that resources that were meant to improve and develop these sectors are been diverted, siphoned and squandered by corrupt leaders at helm of the affairs of the Local Government Area. If this continues, generation yet unborn will be placed at risk.

Leaders in the Local Government Administration has persistently failed the good people of the LGA in all facet which they entrusted and gave mandate.

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Kogi LGA indigens must rise up to say 'NO' to maladministration, underdevelopment and underemployment. 'YES' to Quality and accessible education, well equipped hospitals, provision of basic needs for farmers, youth and women empowerment.



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