Abacha didn't Loot, I was a Resolution of Meeting held at Camp Wu Bassey to Save Money for Nigeria on proxy - Aare



Federal Government should provide answers to the following questions if they are to be taken seriously on this so called Abacha loot;

  1. Federal government should provide the names of those who deposited the money and the purpose for which it was deposited.
  2. federal government should disclose identity of the signatories to those accounts and get them arrested as many of them are still alive and walking freely in Nigeria today. Abacha never travelled to any Western country true out his rain in power.
  3. Federal government should also tell Nigerians the resolutions of the meeting that was held at Camp Wu Bassey in Abuja in early days of Abacha in power and list of all those that attended the meeting. (The records are available)

NB: Abacha was not a saint neither any of the leaders were but this blackmailing of Abacha must stop as most of the so called Abacha's loot were actually savings that was agreed at the meeting that was held at Camp Wu Bassey with notable Nigerians in attendance on how to safe funds under proxy through third parties for Nigeria to survive some of the economic sanctions that were imposed on Nigeria at the time.

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People should learn to do their own finding and not just absorb whatever the media and their pay masters throw at us…


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