Deji Adeyanju: Prince Ned Nwoko Can Never Be Blackmailed.



By Deji Adeyanju

The Ned Nwoko people wrote an article against me. Poverty na bastard. LMAO

Deji, egbon mi, we have been friends since your days as New Media Director of the Peoples Democratic Party, this was off course in the heat of the 2014 presidential elections, that was fiercely contested by then President Goodluck Jonathan and Gen. Muhammadu Buhari.

At the time news of your appointment broke, many of us working with the party at various level then were left scratching our heads wondering who this "unknown" dude was, many felt there were others better deserving of such a sensitive position, well we accepted and moved on.

Elections over, it was time to reshape the party especially with the loss of president Goodluck Jonathan in mind, you put yourself forward for the position of deputy national spokesman, it was not to be though and instead of staying to assist in the rebuilding process, next we heard you have jumped ship.

From then on many have referred to you as a man with unstable character, for same party that brought you to limelight and gave you a national platform, all of a sudden became your public enemy number one, one after the other you went on attack on all party leaders, this left those of us who held different opinion to those calling you "anywhere belle face" wondering if truly we were wrong about your true identity!

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Fast forward, from politics we were here too when you became an overnight activist, your "Our Mumu Don Do" campaigns convened with the area father himself, Charly Boy Oputa left us wondering what you were up to, could same Deji who at various times surprisingly supported the "Buhari Regime", now be on the side of the masses? We didn't have to wait for long for the truth, accusations and counter accusations soon followed on who collected which million and how millions collected were shared, i said to myself those tear gas wasn't for free, man must surely wack!

Fast forward today, many of us who hitherto followed you and saw you as someone with firm principles and strong ideological background have pulled the plugs and stayed on our lane, i would have continued minding my own business but seeing that you have chosen to pick on a man whom i call "Dad" to be your next point of hustle, egbon my mouth will run like a tap.

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Singer, Aminu

In the law court, the sacred building where a man is declared guilty or innocent, there is room for fair hearing, catch me pull a trigger to kill someone, the courts still will give me room to defend myself, why then your hasty judgement?

Personally, i have wondered of what interest this issue is to you, for if truly you had genuine intentions you could have reached out and done your findings properly, more over the answers you seek are all over the internet, egbon do your findings and save yourself the backlash, except of course as always speculated when the name "Deji Adeyanju" is mentioned in line with any process brown envelopes most definitely have exchanged hands!

You talk about bullying, who is the bully here, Prince Ned Nwoko who legally acquired the lands in question or you who has chosen your platform to disparage a man whose only interest is bring development to his people, how can a man hailed as the undisputed community developer be a bully? Oh please it won't fly!

You may choose to go ahead with your scheduled live 7pm broadcast, but be rightly informed that we proteges of the STAR PRINCE will not stand in akimbo and watch you sell half baked facts to the public, in your own interest especially in protecting whatever integrity you have left, it will be better you pause, have a rethink, do your own findings and gather enough information before you delve into a matter you know nothing about!

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Prince Ned Nwoko is a good man, and no amount of blackmail and cyber bullying will ever affect the pristine image of the Prince of Philanthropy!

Deji Adeyanju, if truly your own mumu don do, you will not allow anyone use you as a tool to further their personal greedy interest.

Think this twice for we will unravel every lie you tell and counter it with the real facts!

Idi Presley Ifeanyichukwu, Convener Ned Nwoko Volunteers, a Writer, Activist, Youth Leader, PR Expert, Communication Manager and Political Analyst writes from Asaba, he can be contacted via email on!

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