Increase in Fuel Price and electricity Tariff shows that Buhari’s Administration is Working – APC.


The Ruling Party, All Progressive Congress (APC) has said that the increase in recent Oil price and increase in Electricity Tariff shows that President Muhammadu Buhari is working for the good interest of all Nigerians and not like the opposition that allegedly looted the Oil sector during their administration. Torixus wrote.

APC made the statement in replay to the early Press release of Peoples Democratic party (PDP), on the increase in fuel price on Wednesday.

The country’s main recognized opposition party in a new statement released on Thursday, Joined other Nigerians to reject the increase in new petrol price nationwide.

PDP said that the increase of petrol price from N87 per litre, during the administration of Former Goodluck Jonathan, to N151 within 5 years President Muhammadu Buhari took over power shows a failure of governance. It said that the electricity Tariff during PDP’s administration was N30.23 per kwh, to an increase to N66, amidst the hike in petrol price. “the APC has left no one in doubt that its agenda is to inflict pain and hardship on Nigerians to satisfy their selfish interests,” Kola Ologbodinyan, the PDP’s spokesperson, had said, challenging the President Muhammadu Buhari-led administration to publish the parameters used to arrive at the current price given “the prevailing values in the international market.”. PDP wrote.

In reply to the reaction made by the PDP, the APC said the past government of PDP should account for the purported scammed subsidy capital during its administration.

The reply APC gave did not address the main concern raised by the opposition.

APC deputy national spokesperson, Yekini Nabena, while stating Buhari’s ‘achievements’ in the oil and gas sector since his stay as the President said, ““Under the President Muhammadu Buhari administration. The tortuous fuel queues as a result of biting scarcities are gone. The reviewed petroleum products pricing template has resulted in a more transparent, efficient and realistic pricing system for petroleum products and also resulted in constant availability of fuel nationwide.”.

“In an effort by this administration to put an end to estimated and arbitrary billing for electricity, President Buhari recently directed a nationwide mass metering programme for electricity consumers in the country,” he added as while calling on “the PDP to wake up to the new Nigeria were the government works for the citizens not a few interests.”

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