Sad!!: Tanker Explosion Killed over 25 people Inside Lokoja Kogi State Capital


No fewer than 25 people lost their live in the early hours on Wednesday morning 23rd of September 2020 in Lokoja Kogi State capital.

The people that died include some business women and men, Kogi state polytechnic students and some primary schools pupils.

The people died from tanker explosion that hit tghw capital city of Kogi state, Lokoja early morning.

Mr Ojo who confirmed the report to Omokoshaban correspondent said that over an hours the explosion occur, and the fire was burning, no fire service that come for rescued.

Ojo said “Just wen they are out in search of daily bread dis morning. Not less than 25 people where burnt death including Kogi poly students and primary skul pupil in a Tanker Explosion, and for more than 1hr no fire service within d state capital metropolis was there to put off d fire, I wonder if Nigeria is even a Country with major emphasis on Kogi State. If I have my way, I will personal take d corpses to govt house let them eat them, since dey can’t fix road and provide a functioning fire Service.
God have mercy, may we not found death even as we pursue our daily bread.”

The students who angered following the deaths of the colleagues are protesting now over the incident.

Majors road in the city has been block the the protesters, causing gridlock in the city.


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