Sharia Law for the Poor As Hisbah In Kano Forcefully Shave Youths For ‘Un- Islamic Hair, arrest them But Ignore Ribadu Daughter Dressings [Photos]



In Nigeria Sharia Law were practice and enforce on the poor Nigerians.

Hisbah, Islamic police In Kano Forcefully Shave Youths For ‘Un- Islamic Hair Cuts And Mode Of Dressing’

The same law prohibit Muslum lady to dress like this

More picture below

The picture above is the daughter of Nuhu Ribadu on her wedding day.

Ribadu Daughter got married to Atiku Son yesterday in Abuja, the wedding was attended by dignitaries.

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But Hisbah, Sharia Law enforcer Were Blind To See her dressing

The Hisbah arrest you on their Mode Of Dressing’,

Frequently Arrest Tricycle Riders For Adorning Their Keke With Photos Considered Obscene And Punish Youths Wearing Three Quarter Jeans For Improper Dressing

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