Boko Haram: We are destroying ourselves, Religious leaders remain silent  - Northern Youths Cried out



This is the reaction from northern youths after boko Haram fresh attack in Borno State.

Ali-Amin Tubo wrote "Innalilahi Wainna Ilaihi Rajiun!
This is horrific, when will this madness going to evaporate, the military and their commander in chief fails in protecting us and our properties. O God have mercy on us not for our behavior. Our leaders have no compassion for their people. 🤲😭"

Abdullahi Adamu Kakpwen wrote "The agony of it all is,its we the people of the North destroying ourselves. And as if we have another place to called home.
From Zamfara ,Katsina,Niger,Sokoto,Kaduna,Adamawa ,Yobe,Benue,Plateau,and the epic centre of all the madness is Borno,why?
And no leader or religious leaders that has come out to protest this stupidity n madness,Zulum is left alone to fight for his people.
A single black man was killed by a white police officer, the whole of America were on the street, a movement that draws world attention.
But here in the North people are kill like chickens,an ordinary illiterate Northerner will tell u Islam prohibit protest as if Islam does not prohibit any kind of killings n destruction .
The Question is ,is our Islam different from others cuz I have seen so many protest against government in other part of Islamic world."
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