As You Insult Your Elders And Wish Them Deaths, Know This - By Jibril Usman



Joe Biden is 77 years old and just elected US President. Trump is his close agemate….no American youth have insulted any of them on grounds of age.

Nancy Pelosi is 90 years and Speaker of US House of Reps.

Joe Biden was Senator for 37 years before contesting Vice Presidency with Obama ticket.

Singapore current leader was elected at the age of 90 years. No one is insulting him. He was even a former military leader for long.

One family has been ruling United Arab Emirates… some of you prefer to spend your holiday in Dubai.

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One family rules Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Quatar, Bahrain, North Korea…these are highly developed countries.

The Head of State and Commander in Chief of Britain is Queen Elizabeth, she is more than 90 years. They respect their tradition and wants us to jettison our own. They don't insult elders.

The post of British Prime Minister does not have term limits. Most of them are elders. You can continue to be Prime Minister as long as your party is in control……there is no general election to elect British Prime Minister., The ruling party decides. Is that democracy? But in Africa they insist that we must change our leaders every four years.

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Putin has been President of Russia for 26 years.

Benjamin Netanyahu is the longest serving leader of Israel from Likud party. He is in his late 70s but you love him because it is Israel.

Angela Merkel has ruled Germany for 16 years. She is over 80.

Shinzo Abe remains Japanese Prime Minister since some of you became adults. No Japanese insults him on grounds of age. Youths are not even allowed to lead Japan.

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Xi Jiping is Chinese endless leader…..they respect him despite his age.

Naranda Modi is 90 years and longest serving Prime Minister of India. He is still in office.

The above are the countries that prefer Africa to elect the likes of Omoyele Sowore every four years and destroy our elders. Don't they have youths too?

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