Why Having Child, or children at Your 25 to 35yrs before Money is Good


Some times as we  attain maturity in life, we Begin to ask our self different questions.

Some of the questions we often get confused on is, ” am 25 to 35 years now, and still struggling, should i get married and have child or children first or i should keep hustling  for money till I make it”?

Before we give answer to that question, we have to give some little explanations so you can learn from it.

Having children and making money are different things entirely.

You can make money at any time in your life.

Some people begin hustling from their 20ths but didn’t make it till they get the their 60ths, some never make it entirely.

While some make it at earlier age, and before they get to 60ths they lose everything.

Some their children come and open door of success for them.

So having children is compulsory either you make money or you didn’t make the money.

And the time you have those children also very important, because you need someone to take care of you when you get old, a situations when you are in your 70ths and your first Child is still struggling with primary schools, how can that child takecare of you.

At your 70ths you have lose strength to works to take care of your family, if for example you never make it despite your hustle, who will sponsor your children true schools for you?

So is very important to have children early mostly from your 25 to 35 years.

After then you can continued your hustle while you raise your families.

Many people even with money are regretting today for having children late.

So if you can take good care of them with little of your income, please have one or two child before you proceed with your hustling is GOOD!.

This tips is from #Omokoshaban Talk Zone, Relationship

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