STD: Am having Frequent Sexually Transmitted disease, after treatment is stll come back, how can i cure it finally?


STD stand for sexually transmitted disease.

Sexually transmitted disease: is any diseases that can be contracted through having sex..

The disease did not limited to one sex, both male and female can get STD.

Some of the STD can be cure why some can't be cure.

On the list of the Sexually transmitted disease (STD), some of then can be cure, why some are incurables.

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Like HIV, Hepatitis, Ebola Virus, and other viral disease are incurable.

STD, such as Staphylococcus areaus, Proteus species, Shegellosis, Gonnorhare, Streptococcus, Escherichia coli, and others bacteria or fungi disease are curable.

Having STD and you treat yourself yet you not seeing any improvement?

There are many factor that can lead to that.

Sometimes, your life style is the causes why your STD refuse to go.

If you treat STD, treat your sex partner also, because when you treat yourself without your partner, if you go back and have sex with him or her, you will still contract the disease.

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For the ladies, microorganism are everywhere, your hands or other outer body is not clean as long you have stay for some hours without washing it with detergent.

Whenever you use that your finger on your vagina without washing it, I.e, fingerings yourself, definitely you are introducing infection to your body.

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Also for those ladies that use sex toy, or for the men that use doll, remembered to keep it clean after use, and was it before using. This will limit the change of continued STD.



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