The clock is ticking dangerously. Every part of Nigeria is burning



By Austeen Anibe Otene


The clock is ticking dangerously. Every part of Nigeria is burning. The once happy society amidst its richness is been hijacked by greed, terrorists, bandits, and political criminal elements while a clueless Muhammadu Buhari the Nigerian President remained adamant as usual.

No one is safe in Nigeria as it stands today. There is no leadership. The chord is broken and the sounds of a civil war continues to echo even as everyone is pretending that all is looking good. People being killed on daily basis are humans who deserves to live.

It is pertinent to draw the world’s attention to a nation sitting on the edge at such a time when a stitch in time can still save 9. Lack of government willingness to curb insecurity has given birth to all shades of terrorism. I fear for the innocent women and children because the damage will be devastating if the slight grip is lost.

Howbeit, we are still playing to the gallery with the tiger’s tail in the name of ethnic and religious sentiments.
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