How Female NSCDC was killed by Stray Bullet From Unknown Gunmen in her House


The human which her name is not given what killed by a stray bullet fired by unknown gunmen any more state.

Jones who give the report say that the woman who is the mother and a member of Nigerian security and civil defence corps has completed the business of the day and the retired to her house when the stray bullet the from nowhere hit her in her house.

According to him this young woman never want the criticize IPOB.

This is write-up by Jones FCC “This young mother and wife, a staff of the Nigerian Security and Civil Defense Corps, had completed her business for the day and retired to her house, where she was sent to her early grave by “stray” bullets.

She is not a Fulani herdswoman, she is not Hausa, she is not a politician. She doesn’t even criticize the IPOB or ESN. In fact, those close to her believe she had some sympathies for the IPOB. But none of this counted, as she was nailed down by one of the bullets, arbitrarily fired by the so-called unknown gunmen.

Same yesterday in Akokwa, my community, these same unknown gunmen, robbed vehicles from young Igbo men who worked hard to make their money. They used those vehicles to go on operation, and it took the police and army to recover these vehicles.

These gentlemen who were robbed of their cars like this lovely lady could have been some of the biggest IPOB sympathizers. They might have been willing to donate their scarce resources to anything that is sold as an Igbo liberation project.



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