Oputa Panel: Buhari Who overthrew Civilian Govt, Toppled by Babangida should held accountable for 1984 Execution


1986 assassination by letter Bomb of Dele Giwa the founding editor of newswatch magazine.

Babangida come to power in a bloodless coup in 1985 before the Murdered, he rule Nigeria until 1993 when he was disposed by another military ruler the late general Sani Abacha.

The commission also found that Buhari who overthrew a civilian government in 1983 and was in turn toppled by Babangida, should be held accountable for the 1984 execution by firing squad of three suspected drug trafficker.

There execution where carried out on the basis of a military decree promulgated by Buhari long after the offence were allegedly committed the report said.

We recommended that the General tender an unreserved apology to the family of the disease it concluded.

The commission also made a case against Abubakar who preceded who succeeded abacha on his death in 1989 and return Nigeria to elected government in 1999.

He said the government should be held accountable for the 1998 death in custody of moshood abiola the politicians and businessmen who won the 1993 Presidential elections that were annoyed by babangida.

Oputa panel recommended that all three former military rulers be considered to have surrendered their right to govern Nigeria since they had refused to follow a subpoenas to appear before the commission to respond to accusation made against them.

Indeed babangida file a lawsuit challenging the commission powered and won a ruling avoiding it existence.

Source: The New Humanitarian

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