How do inject back the romance into my relationship that is already Boring ?



There comes a time in every relationship when things start getting a bit stale. Keep the faith. Things will continue to go through the paces until one day you will no longer have these thoughts. Every relationship goes through rough patches; it’s what you do about it that counts.

Over time, passion gets replaced by true and loyal love for each other. However, you can revive the passion with small gestures. Here are a few ideas: offer to watch your child while your significant other has a day at the spa, offer to cook dinner or wash the dishes. Plan a night alone for the two of you and relive some of the sexy things you did when your love was young - a bubble bath together, a bottle of wine during a romantic dinner. Bring home flowers or chocolates. Write a love poem and put it somewhere they will find it.

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You have history together, you have a child together. Don’t close the door on your relationship because you feel bored. There is a chance to renew your love for each other and revive your passion, if you are both willing to work on it.

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