How To Keep Your Social Media Accounts Protected from Cyberattacks



Based on social media usage projections, an average person will spend eight years and six months of their life on social media. Having that in mind, adequately securing your social media credentials should be on the top of your priority list. 


Social media has an immaculate memory, and every little thing you do or say will most likely stay stored somewhere in the wilderness of the internet. The same goes for your personal data. Since personal information tends to be one of the most valuable assets of our age, cyberattacks resulting in data leakage are not uncommon. On that note, Facebook recently became a victim of a massive data breach where 533 million Facebook users' personal information has leaked online and ended up on a hacking forum. These kinds of occurrences could significantly endanger your security and privacy. Furthermore, account hacking can lock you out of your social media accounts forever, and you can quickly become a victim of identity theft where a perpetrator can commit various crimes in your name. Another significant threat are ever-present phishing attacks that persuade people to click on infected links, photos, and videos that can easily lead to identity theft or malware installation. 


  1. Use strong passwords
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Strong passwords tend to be the first line of defense against cyberattacks. However, only a tiny percentage of passwords people come up with end up being reliable and resilient. Thus, remember that your password shouldn't include any personal information like birthdays or names since they're easiest to break. Also, always use a unique combination of numbers, letters, and symbols, and make sure to change your passwords every ninety days. 

    2. Add two-factor authentication

Every account could use an additional layer of protection. A two-layer authentication requires extra information to safely log into your account. There are a few types of 2FA -  some include verification with a password and a token that produces one-time numeric codes, some require you to type in an SMS message received passcode, while others have a biometric feature like fingerprint or a face scan. Every additional layer of protection makes it harder to steal your data, and it keeps your data safe and sound.

      3. Use a VPN

Protecting your credentials and accounts is crucial, but if you want a solution that will shield all your network activities, secure your data with a VPN. It'll route your data through an encrypted tunnel and protect you from vicious prying eyes. Moreover, a VPN will hide your location and grant you more privacy while scrolling through your favorite social media. 

     4. Turn on notifications for suspicious login attempts

Most social media platforms can alert you if someone tries to log into your account from an unknown device. Check your settings and turn on login alert, and you'll be able to stop any third-side fiddling with your account by simply clicking on ‘This wasn't me.’ 

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     5. Avoid logging in on public networks

Even though they seem harmless, open networks can be real death traps because hackers like to hide in plain sight and steal your data while posing as a reputable network. Thus, wait for a more secure network to post your new photo on Instagram and refrain from free WiFis whenever you can. However, if you can't avoid them, connect only to those that are password-protected. 

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Being on social media and staying completely protected seems like a mission impossible. However, these practices and habits can considerably improve your chances. These few tips are a basis for developing a resilient security strategy, but keep in mind that you should regularly update your cybersecurity plan and adjust it to current circumstances and new threats you face every day.

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