The Aethiopians are the Tallest and Handsomest men in the World



It's important to remember that the Ethiopians they are talking about here were the black people living at the southern border of Kemet. This means they were talking ancient Nubians or Black Africans in general.

Those who are painted jet black in Kemetic murals. Those we've been later taught represented the "slave race". Those wearing the leopard skin, with orange hairstyles. In other words, the indigenous Africans. The subsaharan type or pure negro as some racist scholars called them.

In the Sybilline Books ( a collection of prophecies that were used during Ancient Rome and of which only fragments have survived, the rest being lost, deliberately destroyed, or misplaced.) Africans are called “stout-hearted.”

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Greek warriors even had figures of black men on their shields…

See how people's perceptions changed… To the point that even Africans started to hate their own features.

All early writings and even the art about Africans talk about their greatness. We must focus on that because that’s who we really are.

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Source: Herodotus, Book III, 20.

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