Bandits: Shiekh Ahmed Gumi Attack HURIWA, Says they are another bunch of clowns!

Read what he said, as culled directly from his Facebook page, few minutes Ago

It is a folly to respond to every imbecile especially in matters of national and public interest since not every person has the cognitive perception and the faculty to analyze things that are congruent or incompatible with our general wellbeing.

However, HURIWA is a notoriously bigoted organization parading itself as a vanguard of citizens’ rights, when all its calls are paradoxically the denial of such rights. One wonders who they are working for. A bunch of clowns no Nigerian should take seriously.

Let the ‘Human Rights Writers Association of Nigeria’ know that in Nigeria, the Freedom of speech and expression is a fundamental constitutional right of every citizen to speak on national issues without hindrance or suppression.

Article number: 38, subsection: (1) of our constitution states: “Every person shall be entitled to freedom of expression, including freedom to hold opinions and to receive and impart ideas and information without interference.”

I rest my case!

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