Reno Omokri give real Reasons Buhari closed the Benin Republic-Nigeria border, say not because of banditry

Omokri said

Buhari claims he closed the Benin Republic-Nigeria border because of banditry. That is a lie from the mouth of Lai Mohammed. The real reason behind the closure is to pressure the Beninese government to hand over Igboho to him. There is more banditry from Niger Republic into Nigeria than there is from Behin Republic. As a matter of fact, Benin is a larger consumer of Nigerian products than Niger Republic. Yet, not only does Buhari keep our borders with Niger Republic open, he and Amaechi are also building a $2 billion railway for Niger with money borrowed in Nigeria’s name, simply because Buhari has first cousins in Niger. It nobody will talk, I, Reno Omokri, will talk!

TableShaker #BuhariTormentor

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