You Join APC to Intimidate Her, You will never know peace, unless you obtains genuine forgiveness from Precious - Jones Tell FFK



Jones FCC Onwuasoanya Wrote:

My friend, Femi Fani Kayode is having the roughest time of his life. And
am not very surprised.

Sometime this year, I met a very close relative of Precious, the wife who gave Femi the elusive male children, four of them. The lady told me how Femi took advantage of my sister and discarded her like a piece of rags. She told me some intimate things about Femi and how her family has lived in apprehension of what FFK could do with the influence he had garnered with both his father's name and his own notoriety.

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FFK knew he was in some kind of trouble and he tried to wriggle out of these webs by joining our governing APC. But I told someone that unless the Igbos are no longer the chosen tribe of God, then, FFK would escape trouble.

Before now, he tried to mess with Bianca, the wife of our hero, Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu and now, he is playing tricks with the very genuine emotions and sacrifices of another Igbo daughter, well, the God of Ndigbo will make sure his safest Haven becomes his surest Waterloo.

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FFK joined the APC in a bid to use the influence of a Party in power to intimidate a little beautiful girl, who gave her heart to him and put her life on the line in order to give him heirs. He will never know peace, unless he obtains genuine forgiveness from Precious.

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Hey, don't mess with an Igbo girl. If she doesn't get you herself, her chi, will.

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