Eagles Network Teams Announced Official Dates For Sales of EAN and EGON Coins, and Initials Price to be listed


Team behind newly Launch Mobile Base Cryptocurrency mining, Eagle Network has released official dates it Coins will be listed for exchange with fiat money and other currency.

In an updates release on the mining app, the teams set 19 of December 2021 as the official dates to start trading EAN and EGON Coins.

The updates reads:

Hello Miners,

As promised! We are happy to announce our final listing dates of EAN and EGON today.

The date to buy/sell both EAN and EGON is 19/12/21

The most important update will be given on 15/12/21

From 15/12/21, we highly urge you guys to be more active and involved in the group as we'll announce essential info daily.

Information is vital in the crypto space. Reading updates is Necessary.

If you do not read, you miss out on essential details and thus on opportunities.

EAN Reward for buyers of EGON will be sent before the listing date, sending to wallets holding EGON

CryptoKara wallet update to come before listing date.

EMT to EAN swap information to come before listing date.

Before the listing date, more details on "Auto Redeem" will be provided.

More information about the listing will be posted before listing day.

Audit Report, and an updated project white paper will be released before listing date.

Eagle Network will change lives using EgonCoin Blockchain technology!

This will be our "major movement," the VERY root of our Eagle Network Ecosystem!

Amazing things are on the way for those who READ, LISTEN, WAIT, UNDERSTAND & TAKE ACTION!!!

Top 10 in CMC, here we come!

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Thank you for your support and patient.

Eagle Network Team

Also the teams has price at which The coins will initially listed for sales.

Accosting to updates reveals today 12th of December 2021, EGON Coins with start at $0.2 while EAN Coin will be listed at $0.0003 per coin.

The prices is expected to appreciate as son as it is listed, because many people are already waiting to buy much of the Coins and save it for long time investment.

Read updates from the team below:

Buy and Sell

Start Price
EGON - $0.2
EAN - $0.0003
Long-time holders token!

Soon users will start to buy/sell both EAN and EGON.

Are you ready?

Will you sell your EAN and EGON for low price and regret tomorrow?
Like the guy who sold 10k bitcoins for 2 pizzas, today that would have been worth over $400M!

Will you buy more at this low price and hold and become EAN whale?

Will you hold your EAN and EGON for a long time and see your Crypto multiply in value?

Holders are KINGS
Know that as you sell your EGON and EAN, you effectively make the price fall. The more holders sell, the more price will fall down more and more, and the more you buy and hold, the more price goes up!!

The core team cannot control price as only market dynamics can determine the price.

Core Team Price Strategy
The Eagle Network core team has already limited the supply of EAN tokens to offer better price dynamics. Too many tokens will not be available as only 10% of the total miner's accumulated EAN will be available. This will help balance buy/sell as holders support the project and hold for a long time.

For EGON Token, core team implemented a perpetual green candle that offers a better tokenomics than most dex. Rest is in the hands of the holders to hold and support the project for a long time to see maximum benefits and possibly create generational wealth for themselves, their families, and loved ones!

Do You Want a Bigger Price?
Do not sell for cheap, and remember holders are the KING in Crypto!
Hold your EAN and EGON for long!

Market Volatility
You must know that the Crypto market and token price cannot be the same for a long time. If that were true, you wouldn't be able to beat inflation and possibly create profit for yourself. One of the best parts of the crypto space is its community-driven volatility, which ensures endless possibilities for people like us to beat society's "conservative" investments.

Do you know that only long-time holders and supporters benefit the most in Crypto? Check history lessons below to see for yourself !

1 to 2 years ago today: :point_down:

#Bitcoin $17,150 - $50,000
#Ethereum $518 - $4,000
#BNB $28 - $500
#CAKE $0.1 - $20
#SOL $1.9 - $150
#ADA $0.13 - $1.50
#DOT $1 - $30
#DOGE $0.003 - $0.15
#SHIB $0.000000000067 - $0.000035

Next Year Today?
#EAN $0.0003 - $ ?
#EGON $.2 - $ ?

The choice is yours
Sell cheap now or hold and get at least 100x. Your courage to hold and believe the Crypto will decide the size of your wallet!

Crypto is the currency of the FUTURE. Think of us getting access to the money of the future at a low price so, if we hold and buy and hold so, basically HODL! We will outrun society's fiat millionaires!

Do not use your highly valuable Crypto for day-to-day expenses like school fees, food, rent! Crypto is for wealth generation and to go from Rags to Riches! Besides, history has shown us 2 pizzas or $400M!! the choice is yours

Eagle Network is not a get-rich-fast platform; hence only long-time holders and supporters will benefit the most.

Why Hold EAN and EGON?
Eagle Network is a long-term project building for future crypto mass cases for people worldwide to use project products in everyday life. Already Eagle Network has 3 good use case products and after the listing, more to come!

Crypto Exchange
EgonSwap Dex

Crypto Wallet
CryptoKara App

Crypto Price Analyst Platform

Bitcoin Browser
Web, iOS, and Android app for users to mine and earn Bitcoin while browsing the internet. Wait for it!

Payment Gateway App
Also a payment app to send and receive both fiat and Crypto without limit and free for all countries of the world supporting payment plugin. Wait for it!

Metaverse Game
Eagle Network will also release an NFT Metaverse Game for users to get rewarded for participating in this emerging new world order. An immersive experience at its best. Wait for it!

You Ready?
Join the movement and hold EAN and EGON for future benefits like no other!

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Good things are coming for Eagle Network supporters!!

Eagle Network Team




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